Galactic Shift - An Adventure in Consciousness

A Multi-Dimensional Workshop Experience

The upper three chakras relate to thought.
Emotion comes from the lower three chakras and imbues the thought with life. Thought and emotion meet at the heart – the central oscillator.
The heart creates magnetic waves in the world around us through feeling: the union of thought and emotion.  

When we change the way we feel and what we believe - the feelings in our hearts - we’re changing the electrical and magnetic fields that touch the world around us and rearrange the stuff our universe is made of. This is the secret of the ancients, the great spiritual mystery. 
Gregg Braden


Duration: 3 hours
Cost:  £25/15 (conc)

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Plug into the Unified Field

Galactic Shift↑ workshops use the power of loving intention to focus the mind and project the desired feelings through the heart in the form of electro-magnetic pulses that alter the matrix of reality. By drawing on the power of group consciousness to raise the electro-magnetic frequency, Galactic Shift↑workshops are uniquely designed to raise your vibration and connect you to wisdom from the higher realms. The messages you bring back from these realms will enable you to transform negativity, heal old wounds, and manifest a vision that aligns with your soul’s evolutionary intent.

Galactic Shift↑ Workshops focus around the idea of the quest in which you will be guided by your own sources of higher wisdom. Each workshop will lead you on a quest to retrieve important information for your soul’s journey towards healing and higher consciousness.

Drawing on a range of esoteric traditions Galactic Shift↑ is a powerful group experience that combines yoga, music, mantra, trance, initiation, symbol and ritual for the purpose of healing and transmutation.