Dusk 'til Dawn

All-Night Japa with Kriya, Sacred Ceremony & Breakfast

3pm Saturday 16 September – 10am Sunday 17 September

Jap means repetition and a japa is the repetition of a sacred mantra to create 'psychic heat' for the purpose of cleansing and purification. It silences the mind, calibrating it with the resonant frequency of creation, the ever-resounding Ong that exists across all time and space. The practice of repeating a sacred mantra is like a psychic reboot – it has the power to cleanse the soul of karmic patterns at the cellular level and in the DNA, releasing any egoic fears, limitations and attachments that stand between us and our true nature - the Sat Nam. Japa has the power to put us back into alignment with the natural and universal flow of love and unity.

On Saturday afternoon we will begin with a powerful healing and purifying kriya and sacred ceremony to prepare for the japa that will run from dusk on Saturday evening until dawn on Sunday morning.

Some percussion instruments will be available but please feel free to bring your own.

We will finish the Japa on Sunday morning with a sacred circle of love and gratitude, then come together to eat breakfast, which will be provided.

There will be a room available during the japa to rest or sleep, so be sure to bring a sleeping bag & pillow.

We will be chanting the Jai Te Gang mantra which cuts through the negativity of the ego like a sword. You can find the words and translation here.

And a youtube version here
So you can hear how it sounds – we will change the tempo slightly for the japa.

For a more potent experience, I recommend you learn the words before the japa so you can more fully surrender to the incredible power of the sound current.

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Venue: 13A Dundas St Edinburgh EH3 6QG
Cost:  £35/25 (conc)

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