Dethroning the Despot - August 2016

And if it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.

- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

After a long retrograde sojourn Mars stationed or came to a standstill in Scorpio from mid-June to mid-July, making a long and agitated inconjunct aspect with the Uranus-Eris conjunction before turning direct and moving forward again. This resulted in a spate of global incidents including the massacres in Orlando & Texas in the US, Nice in France and Munich in Germany, as well as a governmental coup in Turkey. This series of events illustrates the energy of unpredictability, chaos and discord represented by the planetary archetypes.

Mars has been gathering speed through July and will come out from behind the shadow of its retrograde movement to enter new territory on August 22nd, leaving the landscape of the dark psyche behind. We are beginning to feel a rapid forward movement and this will continue to increase as Mars enters the fiery sign of Sagittarius on August 3rd. Along with the sun’s yearly transition through the fire sign Leo, symbol of the enthroned king, themes of fanatical leadership will emerge as the US presidential election circus amps up in tandem with the steady erosion of constitutional rights that continue to roll out unimpeded by social debate. Be prepared for a growing number of ‘good guys’ speaking out about injustices in tones of egoistic righteousness that sound scarily like the enemies of truth they are calling to account.

It’s hard to know how to begin to deconstruct the issue of leadership. We live in a world in which few raise an eyebrow to leaders who regularly hurl accusations at unspecified, unsubstantiated and clearly manufactured enemies. The by-now familiar leadership strategy of inciting terror, hatred and violence towards a common enemy in order to fuel a fire they themselves started in order to pursue covert self-interested agendas is a sleight-of-hand technique that distracts the populace from the real threat at home. The wolf tucked up in grandma’s bed.

Recently-resigned UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s misguided arrogance was exposed when he engineered a referendum about UK’s membership to the European Union, certain that the British populace would choose to remain. When the people reacted with all the fear and hostility they had been indoctrinated with in the lead-up to the vote, Cameron was left without a contingency plan and immediately jumped ship like a cowardly captain, leaving the mess to someone less jaded to contend with.

On Friday 22nd July Assange hit us with another big Wikileaks dump straight from the Clinton inbox containing the dirty strategies designed to erase Bernie Sanders from the election campaign as well as detailed spreadsheets of Democratic Party donors and the bang they expect to get for their buck. After distancing herself from the dirty politicking, Hillary gave ‘longtime friend’ and besmirched Democratic National Committee Chairperson Deborah Wasserman Schultz a special role in her campaign.

You can tell a lot about a leader from the culture he or she creates through their leadership. Culture is made in the likeness of its leaders. Whether it’s an organization, a school or a nation, a quick inventory will reveal the true state of play trickling down from the top. Most of us have had experiences working for organisations with poor leadership that create toxic environments where no-one feels respected, valued or heard. Many of us have been to schools with weak principals where bullies run amok. When it comes to nations leadership operates on a much larger scale but the endgame is the same. The most covert, nepotistic, unsafe and inequitable nations are run by dictators. Some of those nations profess to be democracies but you only have to lift a corner of the rug to see the crooked machinations grinding away beneath.

Like a skillful conspiracy plot, present-day politics is so labyrinthine it’s virtually impossible to find its true heart. If we take the recent Turkish coup as an example, serious investigators are still speculating about what really happened. Did President Erdogan stage his own coup in order to salve his office of factional enemies? Is he really a dictator in the making as the US media has been implying? Or as the growing evidence suggests, was he apprised of the coup in advance using it as an opportunity to clean the house of the real dictator, CIA/NATO-backed Turkish billionaire fundamentalist Gulen whose cronies are said to have infiltrated the military, the police and the justice system?

Unchecked by anything resembling ethics or accountability and with a media consortium trumpeting the official line, global powerbrokers are engineering a social milieu of compliant sheep. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, an allegory about a farmyard of animals who revolt against their human master, the self-appointed pig leaders amend their seven commandments over and over until the tenets of democracy are reversed and no-one remembers what they said in the first place. Sounds familiar, right? These days barely anyone seems to remember what the official storyline was yesterday let alone last month or last year. The only long view taken by leaders is the war of attrition perpetrated on a dispirited public whose morale has been ground down by non-stop bullshit.

The 9/11 global media extravaganza obliterated all hope of clear thinking and created a first-world leadership so brazen it has done away with any pretensions of story consistency. Before the demise of logic there was a script supervisor in charge of continuity who ensured the official story made sense. Now there is an emphasis on further refining the propaganda toolkit with the goal of performing a full-frontal collective lobotomy - a project which has met with considerable success. Inundated with meaningless mantras that sow seeds of fear in the collective mind we have been told black is white and up is down so often we have come to believe it is so.

I do have a very clear memory, though, of George Bush’s State of the Union address in 2002 some months after 9/11 when he pitched the ‘axis of evil’ spin for the first time. He opened with this divisive bit of humbug:

The civilized world is facing unprecedented dangers…

The civilized world he was referring to was America – an empire with a grubby reputation for eliminating grass roots democratic movements in order to install puppet dictators who comply with US corporate interests. I remember thinking, ‘who’s swallowing this shit?’ I looked for signs that the world was seeing what I was seeing – a deranged buffoon suffering from foetal alcohol syndrome - but apparently the world was taking George W. seriously.

Fourteen years on and the bullshit continues unhindered by any confrontation with truth or perspective. In relation to Obama’s response to the Bastille Day massacre in Nice last week, here’s just a small soupçon of the dross he peddles daily:

Overnight in Nice we witnessed another tragic and appalling attack on the freedom and the peace that we cherish.

The massacre in Nice was indeed tragic and appalling, but Obama aligning himself with the principles of freedom and peace, a man whose administration continues to wage unnecessary and unwanted wars in the Middle East, a man whose administration set a governmental record for amassing a higher body count in Iraq than the Bush administration – seriously? Is anyone anywhere swallowing any part of this hollow expression of good faith?

So what happens when leaders can’t be trusted to tell the truth? Here’s a brief anatomy of social breakdown by non-stop bullshit:

In the absence of truth trust breaks down.

In the absence of trust connection breaks down.

In the absence of connection we become isolated.

When we are isolated we become afraid.

When we are afraid we react with violence or compliance.

When we are violent or compliant we believe we have no personal power.

When we believe we have no personal power we hand it over to someone we believe to be more powerful than we are.

When we hand our power over to someone else our lives are no longer our own.

When our lives are not our own we are enslaved.

This analysis by no means factors in the tactics of violence and coercion used by those in power across the globe to quash dissenting voices and erode people’s right to live empowered, safe, valued, respected and harmonious lives. But it is the program used to obtain compliance in a prison system - the self-same program of enslavement George Orwell outlined in his prophetic novel 1984.

My years working as a theatre maker in the prison system taught me that prison inmates, whose numbers far exceed those of the officers employed to manage them, pose a real danger if they believe they can overpower their captors. This imbalance is dealt with using fear, humiliation, secrecy and arbitrary rules – a set of tactics designed to make prisoners compliant. Demoralized by endless waiting, stripped of dignity and rights and uncertain of what’s coming next, prisoners quickly learn to toe the line. If you’ve ever been questioned at customs and border control you’ll know what I’m talking about. Truth, transparency, reliability and respect are the enemies of covert social institutions.

If we are to combat this descent into compliance we need to believe that we have the power to say no, the power to speak out and the power to make our own decisions. The courage to take a position on what you believe to be right- even if it means standing alone - is the distinguishing quality of a good leader. In her book The Four-Fold Way, Angeles Arrien equates leadership with the archetype of the warrior. In her view a leader is someone who:

·      extends honour and respect

·      sets limits and boundaries

·      aligns words with actions

·      extends responsibility into structure and function in an empowering way

I challenge you to find a political leader who personifies any of these qualities or even demonstrates an interest in fostering them. It’s important to retract our support for leaders who perpetrate abuses of power or who fail to live up to the qualities of good leadership. But in my mind the cultivation of the true leader begins with the self. We must learn to respect ourselves; to develop discipline and commitment; to act with integrity; and to become responsible grown-ups with a remit to empower others. We need to role model the very qualities we expect from a good leader.

If we refuse the call to self-responsibility we will merely install a new despot to replace the old. The challenge is to make the inner journey and do the work of clearing out all that is dark and despotic within. Only then can we begin to make a better world, a world made over in our own likeness.


The Test of Liberation - July 2016

When I was about ten years old I had my first baffling encounter with the idea of freedom when I brought a mouse home from the science lab at school. After a couple of weeks I had a change of heart about my role as jailer and decided to set the mouse free. On a fine summer’s evening I put the cage on the back lawn and left the door open. But when I returned the next morning I was shocked to find the mouse still inside, quivering anxiously in the far corner of the cage. Apparently the desire for freedom was not the high prize I imagined.

The Piscean Age has been the age of the expert in which we’ve put our lives in the hands of people who apparently know more than we do about our own health (doctors), our psyches (psychologists), what we consider to be right and wrong (judges), and how we should live together as a community (government). As we make the rocky transition to the new paradigm we are being challenged to take our power back and make our own decisions about how we want to live.

Liberation may sound like a no-brainer but in practice it’s not so simple. Like prisoners, we’ve allowed our lives to become controlled by outside forces to the extent that we’ve become institutionalized. The 2014 referendum for Scottish independence is a case in point: as soon as the gates of freedom threatened to swing open the majority made a bid for the safety of the prison cell. The food may be sub-standard, the housing inhuman and the company dangerous, but at least there’s an assurance of three square meals, a roof over the head and a community of belonging.

The discovery of Uranus in 1781, principle of liberation, coincided with the birth of democracy and the French Revolution. In 1789, a French clergyman by then name of Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès distributed a pamphlet arguing that the common people of France, what he called The Third Estate, were the true and legitimate French nation who no longer needed to carry the ‘dead weight’ of the other two estates – the clergy and the aristocracy. If any of this sounds familiar it could be the resonance with the Occupy Movement which began on Wall Street in 2011 to protest the gross inequity of wealth distribution in the US that puts the majority of wealth in the hands of an elite 1% of the population. In the current era the other two estates are the corporations and the governments they manipulate to maintain power, giving them carte blanche to amass a disproportionate amount of wealth.

I believe the three conjunctions of Eris and Uranus in Aries in May and June 2016 and again in March 2017 are the true portals for the transition to the Aquarian Age predicted to coincide with the culmination of the Mayan Calendar at the end of 2012. The transition process built steadily through the series of Pluto-Uranus squares from 2012 to 2015, roughly translating as growth-producing transits that provoke transformational change through tension and conflict. This series of transits corresponds to the exposure of enormous cracks appearing in the current global socio-economic system.

In my view, Uranus - symbol of radical liberation and the revolution of digital age technology - is the key planet in the transition process to the Aquarian Age. It is no coincidence that since its discovery in 1781 astrologers have designated Uranus as the planet that co-rules the sign of Aquarius along with the traditional rulership of Saturn. In my view, the key to the transition to the new paradigm is the revolution (Uranus) of consciousness (Saturn) symbolized by the marriage of science/technology (Uranus) and Aquarian principles of the truth of direct experience that will blow open open the limitations (Saturn) of the current worldview. 

Uranus also corresponds to what the Mayans call Koyopa and the Sanskrit texts refer to as the kundalini energy. The Koyopa is a feminine power that awakens the bodily soul. The activation of the Koyopa is often described as a bolt of energetic lightning that runs through the body and awakens us to our true nature. For the person experiencing it, the Koyopa is nothing less than a complete paradigm shift after which life will never be the same again.

When I was making theatre with inmates in Australian men’s prisons I experimented with Brazilian political theatre-maker, Augusto Boal’s, great game of power. The game involves using a number of chairs to set up visual representations of power – the kinds of configurations we know about from everyday life. By constructing these representations of power and then occupying the chairs, the men were able to explore how power devolves and what it feels like to be part of the configuration. I asked questions like, who has the power in this set-up? How do you know they have the power? Have you seen this configuration before? How could you change the power dynamic by moving the chairs around?

At the end of the session I asked the men what it is that gives some people power over others. Given their everyday experience of coercion in the prison system and in their lives outside the answer was not surprising: power is a gun, a knife, a threat to freedom and mortality. But when I asked what gives one person power over others without the use of knives or guns or brute force they were completely stumped. So I offered them the idea that power is an agreement - and their faces formed a squint of confusion. What did I mean by power is an agreement? So I illustrated by reminding them that when they come to do theatre with me every week they agree to give me the power to lead the group - no knife at the throat, no gun to the head, no karate kick to the spleen. For one man it was a huge penny-dropping moment. So we don’t have to be here, he ventured. Nope, I said, as far as I’m concerned my classes are voluntary. So we can leave right now, he tested. That’s right, I said, you’re free to leave. A ripple of nervous laughter broke through the group. Freedom carries with it the burden of uncertainty - the mouse sniffing at the open door.

The process of deconstructing the dynamics of power inside a prison system is itself an act of liberation. It has the power to precipitate a shift in consciousness through a moment of great awakening - a seed of illumination that can give birth to the new. Uranus is the truth teller but it is also unpredictable and potentially dangerous, which is why it corresponds with electricity, lightning and the ascent of the kundalini energy. After it strikes, nothing will be the same again. We are at such a moment in human history.

 After eight weeks of retrograde movement, Mars is about to change direction and begin moving forwards again. It has been slowing down for the past week and will finally station - come to a standstill - on June 30th at 23 degrees of Scorpio, unleashing intense energies that have been turned inward for the past couple of months. Mars, has moved backwards from the sign of Sagittarius into the sign of Scorpio, which it rules. Whenever a planet stations it gathers energy to pack an extra wallop, which will be further heightened by the fact that Mars will form a 150-degree angle known as an inconjunct with the Uranus/Eris conjunction at 23 degrees of Aries – a sign also ruled by Mars. You can read about my interpretation of the Uranus/Eris conjunction in the May and June forecasts. The station point and the inconjunct angle represent a double dose of Martian energy – lust, war, violence and passion. We have already seen its discharge in the recent Orlando Massacre in a Florida nightclub last week.

The inconjunct is a challenging aspect because the signs involved, in this case Scorpio and Aries, have no natural affinity either through element (water and fire) or modality (fixed and cardinal). The inconjunct is like a dissonant piece of music that can’t resolve into a familiar consonance or harmony. The persistent attempt to find a resolution creates an inner tension which makes the inconjunct an aspect of continual adjustment and unrest.

With Mars inconjunct the Uranus/Eris conjunction, we have a growing sense of unrest as systems begin to buckle and it becomes apparent that our attempts to fall back on familiar ways of operating are not bringing the harmony we desire. The recent UK referendum for Britain to exit the European Union is an example of the inconjunct at work. In reaction to the real pain and suffering experienced by a growing British underclass living without hope of a better future the vote, like pre-Nazi Germany, was mired in the rhetoric of nationalism and fear of foreigners - a smokescreen for systemic failure.  The more hidden aspect of the referendum has to do with the exposure of a deep generational divide between an outmoded notion of sovereignty attaching to king and country and the current era of techno-globalism that defies traditional borders.

Without a deep appreciation for the ramifications of an exit vote the British population voted for the return to an unsatisfactory past - strict border control and antediluvian migration laws. Mice quivering in the open cage.  The day after the referendum people were beginning to understand what a vote to exit meant in real terms and many were expressing a deep regret about voting to leave the EU.

With no easy resolution in sight, we will have to decide whether we are going to wait for the jailer to come back and turn the key or whether we have the courage to break free of the current constructs and venture into the unknown.


Cosmic Antenna: June 2016

Accelerated Motion

When the ground you’re standing on is in motion it’s challenging to stay upright. If you’ve ever been on a boat on a big sea you’ll know it takes time to get your sea legs. The best way to manage the perpetual motion is by developing a stable but fluid centre of balance to respond to changing conditions. The month of June is a sea of flux and accelerated motion. As we encounter these changes on both the inner and outer levels we will be called upon to make adjustments to the way we see reality.

The internet produces a titanic volume of data masquerading as facts whose provenance is becoming increasingly difficult to determine. In the information age, truth is a concept that is virtually impossible to define let alone pin down. At the other end of the truth spectrum, quantum science and new cosmological developments continue to shift the ground of reality as we know it. As a growing body of evidence becomes more difficult to refute, new paradigm concepts are beginning to trickle down into mainstream consciousness. The concept of an electro-magnetic universe contradicts the idea of empty space and opens the door to further development of zero point energy, a technology which can pull unlimited free energy from the vacuum of space. The ongoing discovery of a gazillion new planetary objects dissolves the boundary of the known solar system and throws into question the traditional taxonomy of the cosmos. The gap between the ‘real’ world and science fiction continues to narrow as we are catapulted into the unfamiliar territory of the explorer.

With Mercury and Jupiter out of retrograde motion and moving forward again we will be able to put our revised ideas and beliefs into action, so if there’s something you’re wanting to communicate about in the form of a blog, a lecture or a slam poetry performance, now’s the time to set it down. Bear in mind, though, that we still have Saturn (structure of consciousness), Pluto (integration of the shadow) and Mars (individual will) in retrograde motion, with Neptune (transcendent connection) joining them in the middle of the month. You may find yourself unable to conform to previously acceptable situations that limit or restrict your autonomy. You could get caught up in idealistic fantasies that dissolve into harsh reality. Or you might uncover a more covert agenda of power and control lurking behind an outward expression of love and care.

According to the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology which tracks the evolution of the soul, the function of retrograde planets is to help us de-condition from family and consensus expectations so that we can grow and individuate. The process is like a deep-sea dive into the subterranean layers of our consciousness to liberate us from the past and put us in touch with our own uniqueness. When we come out the other side, we may find that the de-conditioning process has given our ideas a greater depth and complexity.

In tandem with the ongoing retrograde theme is a powerful aspect pattern called a grand cross that connects Jupiter, the North Node, Saturn, Neptune, the Sun and Venus by four 90-degree angles called squares. The grand cross produces growth through intense pressure creating conflicts that can only be resolved dynamically through action. The planets in the grand cross are in mutable signs which are about adaptability and change: Gemini (ideas and information), Sagittarius (natural law as opposed to manmade law), Virgo (refining and perfecting) and Pisces (universal principles). This configuration will challenge us to broaden our worldview in line with a more humane, creative and sustainable model of relating based on natural law and the notion of a connected universe. What is right and ethical will naturally spring from these governing principles.

And just in case there wasn’t enough change to contend with, this month we have the much-anticipated conjunction of Uranus, planet of radical change and Eris, planet of chaos, both in the sign of Aries, archetype of the self, the identity and the ego. Astrologer Eric Francis calls this transit an identity crisis. We are in a transition between worlds, an age of uncertainty in which humanity is being challenged to take radical new measures in order to survive. We are in the process of redefining ourselves and our relationships with each other.

Kundalini Yoga master, Yogi Bhajan, referred to the Aquarian Age as a transition into ‘spiritual adulthood’ where we develop emotional self-reliance by learning to take care of our own needs. This is the art of radical responsibility in which we begin to take charge of our thoughts and feelings, our evolution and healing and the development of our consciousness on a moment-to-moment basis instead of projecting our unconscious unmet needs onto others, creating an endless cycle of conflict and drama.

This urge towards wholeness is mirrored in the marriage of new paradigm science with spiritual principles handed down by millennia-old traditions. There is a burgeoning movement at work creating new rules of engagement that acknowledge the validity of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine; the quantum and the Newtonian worldviews; eternal and relative truths; objective and subjective realities. We are in the process of radically redefining the nature of reality in a way that is altering the very structure of our consciousness.

As we ride the big seas of change we will need to develop a stable centre of balance. Many of us are cultivating inner stability through committing to a daily spiritual practice so that we have the resources we need to come together in a new way to create a new world. The conjunction of Uranus and Eris is teaching us how to become change agents for the Aquarian Age. If we keep moving it will be impossible to get nailed back onto the Piscean cross.



Cosmic Antenna - May 2016

The Truth is In Here

I want to begin by asking you to cast your mind back to the April forecast where I highlighted the retrograde movement of Pluto and Mars – big players in the transformation stakes. If you’ve been experiencing April as a month of emotional turmoil in which you’ve been catapulted into old traumas and deeply buried feelings - perhaps none-too-willingly - then strap in and keep your arms inside the vehicle. From April 29th when Mercury stops and changes direction, five of the nine planets in our solar system will be in retrograde motion. With Saturn and Jupiter also in retrograde, we will be entering a phase of even tighter contraction on the social and collective levels in order to give birth to something newer and truer.

This will be no dance around the maypole in a virginal white frock. The month of May has the potential to convert the unconscious conditioning of the ego into a purer form through herculean pressure – coal into diamonds. The first law of physics says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction - what expands must contract. The process of expansion and contraction aligns with the universal flow, mirroring the black hole at the centre of the galaxy that sucks in cosmic matter, submitting it to great pressure before spewing it out again to give birth to new stars. When we finally re-emerge from the constriction and darkness of the metaphoric birth canal we will experience a sense of expansion - a clearer view that will unearth hidden passions and orient us to a truer calling.

With so many planets in retrograde we will have the impetus to break free from conditioned responses, giving ourselves permission to question everything that generally falls under the radar: our relationship with authority (Saturn), the origin of our belief systems (Jupiter), the validity of our ideas and opinions (Mercury), the true nature of our desires and passions (Mars), and the level of our commitment to transformation (Pluto). On a collective level, we will witness the re-emergence of unresolved issues as we submit them to a more rigorous analysis, shedding some light on the true nature of consensus reality.

As new information continues to enter the mainstream providing incontrovertible proof of a complex web of lies and deceptions on the part of corporations, governments, banks, the extremely-wealthy and people we’ve never seen or heard of, it will create a rising tide of public confusion and outrage. A growing number of more conservatively-minded people will begin to wonder: Who benefits from war and organized crime? Who really controls governmental data and financial operations? What ground-breaking new technologies are being suppressed and why?

The astrological chart for May shows a distinctive aspect pattern called a kite. An aspect pattern is a chart formation that connects a number of planets by particular aspects or angles. In the case of a kite, it is formed by a large equilateral triangle called a grand trine, which has a flowing or creative energy about it, and a fourth planet that opposes one of the planets in the triangle. According to astrological researcher Lynn Koiner, the kite formation affects money issues and seems to show up in the chart of disasters that result in important changes in regulations. A kite was evident in January 1986 when NASA’s space shuttle Challenger broke apart about a minute after take-off – a spectacular public relations disaster that resulted in withdrawing the rocket launch from public view.

The planets involved in the kite tell the story of the themes involved – in this case Jupiter, Pluto, Sun and Neptune, with Venus joining in at the end of the month. So here we have a story involving those in charge (Saturn), the ego (Sun), optimism (Jupiter), power (Pluto) and deception (Neptune). The planet that opposes is particularly significant because it is the energy that is projected out – in this case Neptune, suggesting smokescreens and sleight-of-hand. There is a danger of grandiosity with a grand trine, an over-confidence that comes with its ease and grace. With the addition of the opposing planet, the kite pattern will manifest in the context of a relationship with another or others.  

The grandiosity inherent in the kite formation may precipitate a gross over-estimation of the public’s capacity to keep swallowing misinformation. It has the potential to create a crisis of confidence triggered by an over-inflated optimism on the part of corrupt players who are so used to operating beyond the law they believe they are untouchable. People previously watching from the sidelines may begin to join a swelling tide of exasperated disbelievers in an effort to uncover the truth about troublesome events that just don’t add up.

The kite offers humanity an opportunity to bring to light new, hard-to-refute information about events that have been seemingly filed away, resulting in a public shock or trauma of a magnitude that can’t be ignored. Like, for example, the fact that the 9/11 attacks happened the day after Donald Rumsfeld confessed that nine trillion dollars seemed to be missing from the Federal Reserve’s Pentagon defense budget. A gargantuan WTF moment that conveniently slid into obscurity after the first plane sliced into the twin towers: information that should have cast a long shadow of doubt on the official story back in 2001. With Mars retrograde in Sagittarius until May 28th, instead of acting or reacting we will have an opportunity to research or retreat into our inner world to find out which story we believe.

The potency of the five retrograde planets in tandem with the kite formation packs enough punch to impel humanity to retrace its steps and subject past corruptions to the heat and pressure of public scrutiny. April has already seen the lid come off with a large document leak from a Panamanian law firm demonstrating how it helped the rich and famous hide their billions offshore, as well as Deutsche Bank’s confession that it rigged the silver market, deliberately suppressing the price to its own advantage.  

There’s an ugly boil on the head of humanity and the month of May could be the time to begin the unpleasant job of lancing it and cleaning out the pus. If we’ve been waiting for someone else to clean up, this could be the time to stop pointing the finger and realize the buck stops here. When we begin to take responsibility for our own pain and darkness, we will stop seeing the problem outside ourselves and become a living representation of the kind of world we want to create.

In the words of Tao philosopher Lao Tzu:

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.    



Cosmic Antenna - April 2016

A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos


Unfinished Business

The past is tapping us on the back again, the ghostly finger of déjà-vu, as Mars and Pluto both begin their retrograde motion on April 18th. If you believe in the paradigm of a connected universe you’ll know that every seeming coincidence or random event has a point of origin. According to quantum physicist Nassim Haramein karma - cause and effect - works on the principle of the feedback loop. All of our actions, individual and collective, feed back into the universal grid to determine the effects or consequences of those actions at some other point in time. Synchronicity is no accident: all events or outcomes are a consequence of related events that keep feeding information back into the system. The feedback loop is a design that allows the universe to learn from and evolve itself.

From our standpoint on Earth when planets go into retrograde motion they appear to be moving backwards, which means they take us on a journey into the past as we go back over ground we’ve already covered. Like the feedback loop, a retrograde planet is an opportunity to learn from past mistakes through the process of internalization as we shift our perspective from forward-moving action to rearview examination. People who have several retrograde planets in their natal charts tend to be deeply introspective people who question the validity of accepted mainstream beliefs, preferring instead to look within and find their own meanings.

With Mars turning retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign that rules belief systems of all kinds - religious, spiritual, scientific, psychological philosophical - we will have a chance to examine any unconsciously-held beliefs that stand between us and our desire nature (Mars). This is a chance to see how our present situation is built on the scaffold of past beliefs. Perhaps we don’t believe we have a right to explore our creativity so we keep attracting in partners who are threatened by our desire for self-expression. Or we might discover that the reason we are failing to attract in a partner at all is that we believe we are truly and deeply unlovable. Or we may stay in jobs that dampen our sense of adventure and thwart our desire for new experiences because we believe we have to choose between security and passion.

Suppressed desires and impulses eventually turn inwards against the self, re-emerging as distortions of their original forms. By the time Mars moves back into the sign of Scorpio on June 29th we may finally get some insight into our hidden compulsions or addictions if we are courageous enough to examine any life-denying beliefs that obliterate our true desires.

Following hot on the heels of the final Pluto-Uranus square in February, the tail-end of a four-year cycle of potent transformational change, Pluto will pack a different kind of punch when it goes retrograde alongside Mars. From 18th April until 27th September we will see a more incisive examination and questioning of the status quo: a process symbolized by the 15-year long transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn that began with the global financial crash in 2008. By the time Pluto returns to the point at which it began its retrograde movement on 17th January 2017, the theatrical scenery masquerading as reality in the public domain will have been stripped away to expose the hidden motives and actions of the true powerbrokers.  This will be an exciting yet destabilizing chapter in human history in which a bolt-hole of secrets kept from the general public for many decades will cascade into the mainstream media like lava from a volcano. The pressure of dissenting voices which has been rumbling away in the background for some time now may blow the lid clean off.

According to brilliant inventor and systems theorist, Buckminster Fuller, ’great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.’  If the Hopi Indian prophecy is to be believed, we are truly between the worlds as we navigate the closure of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  The days of gurus, saviours and non-transparent hierarchies are drawing nigh. Canadian astrologer Rose Marcus believes that this transitional period ‘intensifies the resurgence of “unfinished business” in order to facilitate the shift to new paradigms.’

The first half of this year carries the eerie feeling of the calm before the storm. It’s time for us to attend to our personal business, to shine a light into those dark corners and clean up any hidden dirt. This is a time to be gentle with ourselves; to bring the qualities of love and compassion to the task of feeling into old wounds and releasing buried or stuck emotions. It is by allowing ourselves to feel deeply that we will restore the natural flow of energy and bring ourselves into greater balance and wholeness. In this way we will be preparing the inner ground to plant the seeds of the new.

Cosmic Antenna – March 2016

A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos

Testing Ground

Last month you might have noticed the re-emergence of old patterns and issues you thought you’d put to bed calling again for resolution and completion. The first three months of this year are a testing ground to reveal the true nature of our commitment to transformation. The cosmos is calling our hand: unseen forces are impelling us to step out of the safety zone of the familiar and into the no-man’s land of change – the transitional space that exists between the known and the unknown. This process is the tail end of the Pluto-Uranus transits, a series of seven exact squares between 2012 and 2015. The transits signify potent transformational change for individuals, communities, the human collective and planet earth. We are now in the final integration phase of the cycle. 

When the Uranus-Pluto square first penetrated human consciousness back in 2012 many of us felt the clarion call to change. Some souls who were not up for the challenge chose this time to check out - my mother was one of those people. Like many others, she made an unconscious decision that she was not ready to face her fears and undergo the pain of spiritual evolution and so she chose death over transformation. The end of February has seen the passing out of many more souls who have not been able to make the leap of faith. On a collective level, much of the planet has been afflicted by drought, fire, flood, storm and tornado: Gaia is throwing down the gauntlet to test our willingness to relinquish control and live in harmony with natural law. 

With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn - sign of patriarchal control, and Uranus in the sign of Aries - god of war and impulsivity, we have seen the ongoing potential for violent self-destruction as a means of avoiding feelings of vulnerability and woundedness as conflicts continue to rage worldwide. Crisis, however, has a way of bringing us to our knees in order to catalyze change. If we resist, the prospect of sudden breakthroughs is enhanced, which is the positive (though painful) aspect of tension-producing transits. 

Since 2008, we have been recording significant changes to radiation levels in our solar system. Solar winds create a particle shield known as the heliopause which until recently extended to the far reaches of our solar system to protect it from cosmic radiation. With the weakening of solar winds, the heliopause is also shrinking and weakening. The upshot is that in the last 12 months Earth’s exposure to cosmic rays has increased by 12% and will continue to rise. The increased radiation is heating up the entire solar system at an unprecedented rate which will have all kinds of unforeseen consequences, including the increased growth of bacteria and changes in the chemical composition of matter. On a metaphysical level, cosmic radiation emitted from the gravitational black hole at the centre of the galaxy or from inter-galactic supernovae or exploding stars is cited as the catalyst for spiritual evolution and many people are reporting a diverse range of symptoms aligned with exponential shifts in consciousness. 

What we previously believed was circumscribed territory is now being shown to be anything but. It seems that few of the keystones of the old paradigm can be relied upon any more. Researchers have recently found evidence of a ninth planet at the far reaches of our solar system with a mass ten times that of earth and an orbit of 20,000 years around the sun. These kinds of discoveries are shifting the ground of the known to such an extent that the more open-minded amongst us are willing to admit the limitations of the current worldview.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on 9th March is characterized by wounded healer asteroid Chiron on the south node opposite planet of truth and wisdom Jupiter on the north node, telling us us that a humble approach lends hope for true change as we come to see that the dogmatic stance of ‘knowing’ is actually a defense against learning. The more we can sit in the void of un-knowing, the greater the possibility for real healing and integration. We are being asked to dissolve our defenses and soften so that we can find the wisdom in the wound. We need to enter the wound in order to connect with the wisdom of compassion and operate from the truth of the heart. Mastery of the wound is key to restoring balance on the earth by re-establishing our true place in the web of life.

When Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius on the 25th March we will have until mid-August to revisit any unconsciously-held or outmoded belief systems that have been passed on to us by consensus reality. By examining them in the cold light of day we will be able to see whether these beliefs help or hinder our evolutionary progress.

Cosmic Antenna – February 2016

A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos

From Competition to Cooperation

The oracle I consulted for today’s reading was John Holland’s Psychic Tarot. The deck is a re-visioning of the traditional tarot deck that also includes seven chakra cards. I drew the card of the Sacral Chakra which confirms that we need to pay attention to the current transit of Mars through Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio resonates with sacral chakra themes of erotic potency, compulsive desire, strong passions, creativity, hidden agendas, possessiveness, jealousy and betrayal. 

In contemporary astrology Scorpio is ruled by Pluto but it was traditionally ruled by Mars before Pluto’s discovery in 1930. Mars can be understood as the lower vibration of Pluto so Scorpio is very at home there. Mars in Scorpio magnifies the potential for issues of control and manipulation to arise in relationship if we remain unconscious of the power of our own desires and the fear of losing the object of our desire. I will return to the theme of Mars retrograde in upcoming forecasts but meantime, stay alert to the potential for healing your intimate relationships through an exploration of the hidden areas of the subconscious. 

You may have felt the invisible cogs beginning to turn again on 26 January as Mercury turned direct and began retracing its steps. It will finally move out from behind the shadow of its backward path and into uncharted territory in the sign of Aquarius on February 14th, so we need to be prepared to make use of the forward momentum. Mercury in Aquarius encourages us to think outside the box and stay detached from the outcomes so we can start to throw some interesting new ideas into the mix as we plan for the year.

We have recently witnessed an historic augur of change that embraces the re-emergence of the empowered feminine. On January 22nd at the World Economic Forum Canada’s young, progressive and surprisingly human prime minister, Justin Trudeau, made a speech calling for both men and women to proudly and openly identify themselves as feminists:

We shouldn't be afraid of the word 'feminist,' men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want.

Many women who are old enough to remember the bad old days before second wave feminism in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s have been lamenting the fact that, over the past couple of decades, feminism has became a dirty word evidenced by a cultural distancing from the movement on the part of women. In the past two years celebrities like Lana Del Ray have been stepping forward to publicly denounce the tag. 

Astrologically speaking, PM Trudeau’s message is symbolized by a potent growth-producing aspect pattern that puts dark feminine archetype Lilith – rageful first wife of Adam who refused to submit to his authority, opposite Uranus - harbinger of revolutionary change, and square to Pluto – symbol of deep underworld transformation. So what we have with this transit is a collective opportunity for transformational change in our approach to the disowned feminine that takes a radical new form. The new form, in this instance, is one of men and women working together towards the common goal of restoring the power of women. The radical nature of the form is that it has been proposed by a man, and not just any man - this man also happens to be a powerful leader of the patriarchy.  

When asteroid Vesta, priestess and keeper of the sacred flame, enters the t-square and conjoins Uranus from 1-4 February, we have a symbol of the potential to heal the split between the masculine and feminine through acts of sacrifice and devotion to the higher principle of unity. According to evolutionary biologist, futurist and wise woman elder Elisabet Sahtouris, humanity is ready to graduate from adolescence to adulthood which means we need to move from a paradigm of competition to one of co-operation. 

On a personal level, this could be a time when we need to assess whether there are any vestiges in our own subconscious of the rageful feminine or the desire to subjugate her that need to be purged or reconstituted. The days of separatism, punishment and vengeful fury will need to be tempered by a more inclusive and co-operative approach if we are to heal the wounded feminine and establish true balance and harmony between masculine and feminine principles here on planet Earth.

Cosmic Antenna – January 2016

A Monthly Reading of Planetary Signs & Synchronicities
by Sharon Jacobson from Earth to Cosmos

2016: Year of Radical Discontinuity

When I was asked to write a monthly forecast for the Kundalini Yoga Collective in Australia I started to wonder what a forecast actually is and whether I was up to the task. My approach to writing is part inspiration, part creative chaos – I generally rely on the ideas that come my way at the time, much like a horary astrologer answers a question by casting a chart for a particular moment in time. In line with the incoming energies of 2016, I will use these forecasts to dive into the unknown and interpret the signs and synchronicities that coalesce at the time of writing.

The January forecast coincided with the first new moon of 2016 and I was led to my deck of rune cards to uncover the guiding intention for the year. I drew the rune of Hagalaz, ‘disruption’: nothing less than a ripping away of everything we have previously known.

Like the kundalini energy, Hagalaz symbolizes a severe disruption to the known order that catalyzes exponential growth and transformation through a great awakening. Author of the Rune Cards, Ralph Blum, describes the action of Hagalaz as ‘radical discontinuity’. It is a radical break with the past in order to usher in a new paradigm of change, invention and liberation – core values of the Aquarian Age. 

The theme of radical discontinuity is echoed by a rare and important astrological transit of Eris this year that many astrologers have been anticipating since its discovery in 2005. The transit is a conjunction of Eris to Uranus in the sign of Aries beginning in early June 2016 and culminating in March 2017. The last time this conjunction occurred was in 1926-1927 and it will not happen again in the sign of Aries for many hundreds of years.

Eris was discovered out beyond Pluto at the far reaches of our solar system. It is a slow-moving planet that takes 570 years to orbit around the sun, which means it is connected with the process of deep personal and collective transformation. Newly discovered planets herald a new archetype arising in the consciousness of humanity that can take many decades to integrate. Although Eris is too recent an arrival to fully comprehend, we can nevertheless intuit something about her from Greek mythology. Infamous goddess of chaos and discord, the name Eris means ‘strife’. She is renowned for inciting the Trojan War after learning she was not invited to the royal party.

When Eris, archetype of strife, conjoins Uranus, archetype of revolution associated with the kundalini energy - in the sign of Aries the warrior - we have a powerful symbol of the fearless activist who awakens people to the truth of what’s really going on behind the scenes of the great Orwellian propaganda machine.

My feeling is that Eris symbolizes the current discontent experienced by many of us as we continue to uncover the web of lies and deceptions pedaled by those in power across the planet who are driven by an over-identification with the ego and material reality. We, the people, seem to have been excluded from the guest list of a century-long party for a teensy minority of elites.

The emergence of multiple disclosure projects that reveal long-concealed truths about what’s really happening on planet earth are inspiring growing numbers of people to join hands in speaking out. When a critical mass of people wake up we will have enough momentum to move beyond what we know and begin cultivating a new relationship with ourselves, each other and planet earth. The requirement for this kind of radical discontinuity will most certainly create global chaos.

In his letter about 2016, Kundalini Yoga teacher and master Karta Singh said this:

We need to move towards the unknown consciously… Being caught in the midst of this turmoil it is important to remember that trying to organise the chaos based on what we know will not work. It will only destroy the seed of the New.

In tantric numerology 2016 is a '9’ year, the number that corresponds to the subtle body and the theme of completion. We are being asked to take radical responsibility for our own healing and transformation - to stop looking outside ourselves for the answers. In order to create the new we need to accept that the truth is in here. We need to let go of everything we ever thought we knew about ourselves and our relationships and forge a deeper connection with the Natural Laws of Earth and the Universal Laws of Cosmos.

This period in history will call forth new communities of like-minded people who resonate with the higher frequency of the subtle body to support the radical discontinuity needed to usher in the new paradigm. If we learn to align with the cosmic flow and take right action on earth, we will have the tools we need to navigate the white waters.

If you want to know more about the disclosure movement and new paradigm innovations, you can find some links on the Tribe page of this website.