Decoding the Cosmic Blueprint of the Soul



Astrology Workshop: The Soul's Purpose
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The religion of the future will be cosmic religion. It will transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. 
— Albert Einstein

For as long as human beings have existed here on Earth we have looked up at the sky and used the map of the heavens to help orient us to time, space, and our place in the cosmos. When we turn our gaze to the heavens, we cannot help but be awe-struck by the creative intelligence that animates the complex cycles of countless billions of solar systems and galaxies in the infinite universe. This same complexity is mirrored in the trillions of cells working in collaboration to animate the human form.

On the mundane level we have used the cycles of the planets and stars to choose the right time for planting, hunting, social events and rites of passage – as well as to predict the future and avoid disaster. More recently, we have used it to explore the inner landscape of our own psyches and to discover our unique purpose in life.

Like all symbolic languages, astrology is a multi-dimensional code that unlocks the mysteries of the cosmos, offering multiple levels of wisdom.


Only the symbolic life can express the need of the soul - the daily need of the soul.
— Carl Jung

Natal Chart Readings

Using the cosmic blueprint that is your natal chart as a guide, you will get a deeper understanding of the terrain of your soul and its unique mission during this potent time in planet Earth’s evolutionary history. 

Readings focus on: 
  the karmic mission your soul contracted for this life
  the life purpose - how to move beyond karma and live your dharma
—  past life themes and issues and their relationship to the current life
—  unique strengths and gifts to be used as resources
—  challenges and areas to be developed
—  how to make the most of the timing of transits as opportunities for soul growth and transformation

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Astrology Workshop:
The Soul's Purpose

Discover why you’re here and what your life lessons are.

This workshop is an introduction to evolutionary and karmic astrology for people with an understanding of the basic elements of astrology including the signs, houses, planets and aspects.

Using the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Greene as well as elements of karmic astrology as taught by Robert Blaschke, we will look at the desires the soul has brought in from previous lives, how the soul is conditioned by those desires in this lifetime, and how it can evolve beyond them.

We will focus specifically on the following elements of the chart
— The nodal axis by house, sign and aspects
— Pluto and its polarity point by house, sign and aspect
— Saturn by house, sign and aspects
— Retrograde planets
— Transits that catalyze soul growth.

Each person will be given a copy of their own natal chart to use as a reference for understanding the material.

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Astrology 101
An Experiential Workshop for Beginners

This 8-hour workshop unlocks the symbolic language of the cosmic blueprint that is the Astrology Chart. By building up layers of the chart like a holograph you will learn how all of the elements come together to form a whole. 

The workshop will engage you in a multi-dimensional experience to explore the basic concepts you need to interpret the astrological system:
— The twelve signs of the zodiac
 The four elements
— The three modalities
— The twelve houses
— The key planets
The major planetary aspects

Participants will receive a copy of their own natal chart to use as a reference point for understanding the basic principles covered in the workshop.

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