About Sharon Lee Jacobson

The only source of knowledge is experience.
—  Albert Einstein

Wake Up. Heal. Evolve.

I like to think of my own healing journey as an unfinished novel with me as the hard-bitten detective in search of clues to the mystery of how my caboose left the tracks. Many years ago as I was driving to the outer limits of the sprawling city of Sydney to see a show I started to get worried I’d missed the turn-off. I pulled over to the side of the highway and called a friend to make sure I was still on track and this is what he said:

Just when you think you’ve gone too far, keep going. 

That comic direction had such an impact on me it became my mission statement. For the past twenty years I have dedicated myself to cleaning up the mess I created in the first three decades of life – and not always with a skip in my step. My path is riven with dark patches and there have been moments when I’ve been reluctant to open the cellar door for fear of releasing the monster. Thankfully my desire to evolve has been greater than my desire for self-annihilation. 

Old friends tell me my life story would make a good page-turner but I’ve never had an interest in confessing my sins publicly or flagging them as my primary identity. It’s not that I don’t believe there’s a need for public sharing of the shadow, it’s just that an authentic connection with the vulnerable and palpitating heart of humanity hidden beneath the stories always wins my attention.

This much I confess: I’m one of those people who has taken a few turns around the block. No doubt the decades of captivation with my own wounded shadow has given me the capacity to work with others mired in their own pain and darkness. I know what it’s like to wade through the inner quagmire in search of the light without a compass, a guarantee or a sturdy pair of boots. 

The Way Forward

Our birthright is the joy of living in alignment with who we really are beyond the reactive patterns of the ego. By committing to the process of self-transformation we can heal the wounds of the past, uncover our true purpose and offer our gifts in service to others.

I believe that teaching from a place of intuitive knowing - that unique composite of wisdom gained through the challenges, conflicts, lessons and insights of lived experience – is the most potent and authentic form of transmission. When the path gets dark and gnarly and the monsters are knocking at your cellar door, I will light a lantern and help you find the way forward.

My own healing journey has shown me that Kundalini Yoga, wise counsel, symbol and ritual are powerful tools for raising consciousness and clearing negative subconscious patterns in the form of limiting beliefs and emotional conditioning that keep us on the merry-go-round of fear, pain and ignorance.

My mission is to support humanity’s transmutation into the higher consciousness of the Aquarian Age. I dedicate myself to being part of the wave of global change by sharing the tools that have helped me to Wake Up, Heal, Evolve and find the courage to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.


Brief CV

Background spans the fields of writing, directing, dramaturgy and producing for theatre and film, group facilitation, project development  

Experience includes designing and delivering interactive and experiential group programs across a range of sectors including academic, community, public, private and corporate. Initiating, developing and managing complex arts projects including Plan B, a theatre project for men inside and on release from prison. 

Skills include project development, teaching and facilitating, sourcing project funding, working as a writer and researcher on documentaries, writing and creative development for TV, writing play scripts, writing and developing blogs and websites, journal articles and marketing & promotional materials, and creative & concept development for theatre, film, academic and publishing projects.

Yoga Teacher Training:  Kundalini Yoga Practitioner Level Two (training with Amritnam Sarovar & certified by the Kundalini Research Institute). Kundalini Yoga Instructor Level One (training with Amritnam Sarovar & certified by the Kundalini Research Institute);

Post-graduate qualifications: BA Honours Theatre; Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences (Gestalt Therapy); Graduate Diploma in Screenwriting.